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Place: Istanbul

Drink: Caribou Blend Medium Roast Americano coffee with milk

If you’re here,IMG_0870 you’re either about to buy my first novel (look right for gratuitous product plug) or wondering what this “Pen & Globe” is all about. If the former, thank you! If the latter, great question.

“Pen & Globe” is my new blog, where I share a bit of my “permanently portable” lifestyle, replete with musings on everything from how to bang out an international thriller on a 50-to-60-hour-a-week overseas job (embrace the dawn) to who will win the next Champions League final (Barcelona over Bayern Munich, dare we dream?) to what wine to purchase on your next trip to Cape Town (the 2014 Neethlingshof Estate Owl Post Pinotage is an excellent choice and under $25).

Then you tell me and everyone else what you think – entirely optional, yet highly encouraged. And, being a working diplomat, I will (reluctantly and at least until retirement) keep my views on foreign affairs, politics, and religion to a minimum, although most any other topic is fair game…nor should this stop you. So, read on, reply at will, and most importantly, enjoy!


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