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Place: Istanbul | Drink: German beer | The tagline for the European Championship football tournament so far could read “Minnows Bite Sharks!”  And, with two weeks to go in this month-long extravaganza in France, there may be even more blood in the water. If you’ve been watching, then you’re well aware how the likes of […]

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Location, Location, Location

Place: Ephesus, Turkey | Drink: Local pomegranate wine | So, how do you decide where to set your novel?  A great question I’ve been getting since finishing my first book, A Simple Game.  For me, I followed that old adage, “Write about what you know,” or, in this case, where you’ve been. All told, the action […]

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Kirk Wolcott’s First Novel

  • Politics, terrorism, and sports collide in this riveting debut novel by American diplomat and former sportswriter Kirk Wolcott, prompting a crucial question for our time: How far is too far when trying to change the world?

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