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Book on Nook!

Place: Istanbul | Drink: Café Organico Indonesie coffee with milk | For all of you out there with a Nook, you’re in luck: I’ve just made my first novel A Simple Game available on Barnes & Noble.  Let’s see how it does here against the rest of you Kindle readers (I saw somewhere how sales on […]

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Going, going, gone!

Place: Black Sea, Kilyos, Turkey | Drink: 2013 Kavaklidere Dry Rosé | Big thanks to all of you who took part in the Goodreads Giveaway in hopes of winning a free, autographed copy of my first novel, A Simple Game.  And congratulations to the six of you who won!  Signed editions are headed your way […]

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Kirk Wolcott’s First Novel

  • Politics, terrorism, and sports collide in this riveting debut novel by American diplomat and former sportswriter Kirk Wolcott, prompting a crucial question for our time: How far is too far when trying to change the world?

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A Simple Game

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