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A Simple Game

A Simple Game
Genres: International Intrigue, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller
Publisher: Victory Mansion Media, LLC
Publication Year: 2015
Length: 412 pages
ISBN: 9780996379700

Somewhere someone picks the next sports star to die...

About the Book

When three of the world’s top athletes are slaughtered on the same night in Hong Kong, Amsterdam, and Beverly Hills, celebrated peace and conflict resolution expert Rory Crandall spots a golden opportunity. Lured by an insatiable ego and a $20 million reward, Crandall joins a global manhunt to catch the perpetrators behind the media-dubbed “Sporting Murders.”

As the world shudders over the attacks, a group of young terrorists gathers in the hills over Sarajevo to choose its next victim, while Crandall starts piecing together clues. Racing from the power centers of Europe and America to an African jungle to an Asian island on the brink of civil war, Crandall encounters mercenaries, warlords, and other waste products of world conflict, while falling for a beguiling human rights activist with a curious interest in his mission.

With each new murder, the terrorists raise the stakes in a bold effort to hold the world hostage to their demands. But who are these extremists? What do they want? And is it possible the ends to their bloody game somehow justify the means? From the opening chapter to the shocking final showdown, “A Simple Game” sizzles with suspense, taking the reader on a wild ride through some treacherous territory where nothing is as simple as it seems.

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