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About the Blog

If you’ve made it to this page, you either are about to buy my first novel or you are wondering what this “Pen & Globe” is all about. If the former, thank you, I truly appreciate it! If the latter, great question.

I started this website and blog a few years back to give readers a glimpse into my “permanently portable” lifestyle as an author and American diplomat. From 1996-2020, I crisscrossed the globe, living in nine different countries and visiting some 70 more on four continents. Several of my adventures are captured in A Simple Gamealbeit with much creative license!

Now retired from the government, I’m keeping busy working on a series of short stories and a second novel. I’m also interested in continuing to share with others musings on everything from travel and culture to literature and movies to sports (especially football/soccer) and where best to eat and drink after the game!

I welcome your comments on any or all of these posts and encourage your suggestions for other topics of interest. Most importantly, please enjoy!