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And Action!

Like a Hollywood agent sending an aspiring actor out on his first cattle call, I just entered my novel “A Simple Game” in a contest designed to uncover the next blockbuster movie or TV show. The 3rd annual Book Pipeline Competition aims to “deliver unique, compelling stories to the industry – with the specific intent […]

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Time of Our Lives

Happy New Year to all! I hope you were able to ring in 2017 in style last night. Many, I know, were only too happy to leave 2016 behind. As long as I can remember, never have I heard so many people say “good riddance” to a calendar year. Whether it was the brutal war […]

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Art Imitates Death in Turkey

I never met Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov, murdered here in Turkey yesterday. Had I, I’m fairly certain, like many others, I would have disagreed with his views and especially his country’s actions in Syria, which likely caused his death. But none of this in any way justifies the killing. This incident, coupled with last week’s […]

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Not Swept away by this Broom

In its own right, especially as a first novel by then 24-year-old MFA student David Foster Wallace, The Broom of the System is a clever and entertaining if quirky and meandering read. An arguably excessive (467-page) tale of an underachieving Cleveland telephone operator struggling to make sense of her 20-something life – populated with a […]

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Gift of “Game”!

Just in time for your holiday shopping, win an autographed copy of my novel A Simple Game! Starting today through December 21, you can win one of six free copies of my international thriller here on Goodreads. If you’re already a member, it’s easy to enter. Just go to “Browse,” choose the “Giveaway” link, find A Simple […]

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In Our Own Write

Every year I eagerly await the November issue of The Foreign Service Journal, which features books written by American diplomats – and this time I’m honored to be among them! My novel A Simple Game appears as one of the fiction selections showcased in this year’s edition, titled as always “In Their Own Write.”  The […]

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Jump on the Train!

Believe the hype: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins is a tensely taut thriller that delivers from start to finish and is well worth a read before going to see the just-released film of the same name, starring Emily Blunt. Half the fun of this best-selling novel comes in guessing whodunit, which, I’ll admit, […]

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Too Much “Terrorism”

Place: Bucharest | Drink: shot of tuică | Not all violence is terrorism.  I don’t want to downplay terrorism, for there is clearly too much of it in the world today and most of it is quite horrible.  Yet also troubling is a recent trend among world leaders, international media, and the general public to label […]

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Innocence & Resilience

Place: Istanbul | Drink: Monkey Shoulder blended whiskey | Late Friday night, listening to fighter jets hurtle overhead as a coup attempt erupted on nearby streets, I found myself thinking about a passage from The Museum of Innocence.  The concept of rebellion features only tangentially in the novel by Nobel prize-winning Turkish author Orhan Pamuk, but the passage and […]

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Sharks (and a Dragon) Bite Back!





Place: Istanbul | Drink: Orange juice | Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water of football fairy tale finishes…  Someone finally handed the “sharks” – Germany, France, Portugal – a familiar script, the one in which they progress to the latter stages of yet another major international soccer tournament, in this […]

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Kirk Wolcott’s First Novel

  • Politics, terrorism, and sports collide in this riveting debut novel by American diplomat and former sportswriter Kirk Wolcott, prompting a crucial question for our time: How far is too far when trying to change the world?

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